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Personalized Service

Corporate owners might think that bigger means better when it comes to real estate and business law firms. However, many big law firms see clients as file numbers, and they might not have the time and attention to thoroughly address client goals. At Gordinier Kang & Kim LLP, we have the experience and resources of a large corporate firm, but we provide personalized and detailed attention and service to each matter we handle. We get to know our clients so we can best assist them with any type of legal concern that arises in an efficient and individualized manner. We provide boutique service with the legal power of a large firm.

Direct Communication

Our attorneys know that business leaders and investors have a lot on their plates. You do not have the time to go around and around regarding each legal matter that arises, so we aim to communicate as clearly and directly as possible with every client. We will evaluate and assess options and provide direct counsel on the best course of action. Our goal is to achieve the most effective and efficient resolutions and to take up as little of your time and resources as possible. You can expect our legal team to provide responsive and communication no matter what your case entails. We also know how important it is to maintain your bottom line, so we develop individualized and straightforward fee structures based on each client’s legal needs.

Track Record of Success

While Gordinier Kang & Kim LLP, is a boutique law firm, we achieve results on par with large corporate firms. We recruited attorneys who were previously partners and associates at the top, nationally recognized and respected law firms, or in-house counsel at major corporations. When undertaking a matter, we communicate with clients to clarify and establish goals, and we develop the strongest and most effective strategy to achieve those goals. This is true whether we are providing support for a transaction or going to court for complex corporate litigation.

We Handle Complex Litigation

There is generally a lot at stake in real estate and corporate litigation, and properly approaching each conflict according to the legal questions at hand is critical to protecting the interests of our clients. Litigation can involve highly technical laws, regulations, and legal standards, as well as varying assertions of wrongful conduct or differing interpretations of contractual terms. No matter what your case entails, we have the experience and skill to handle the matter with your best interests as our top priority. While we are a boutique firm, our legal team has extensive resources we dedicate to litigation, including experts to analyze and testify when needed. No business or real estate litigation is too complex for our experienced team of attorneys to handle, so do not hesitate to contact us today.

What We do


Real Estate

Real estate has been the cornerstone of our law firm. Our real estate lawyers represent clients in all aspects of the real estate cycle.


Business Litigation

Business disputes come in many forms and can lead to financial losses and critical disruptions to a company’s operations.


General Corporate

Running a business can be rewarding and lucrative. However, owners quickly learn that there is a host of legal questions and concerns that can arise from the start.


Private Wealth Disputes

Wealth can be the source of many legal disputes—especially among family members.


Our experienced and business savvy attorneys are uniquely situated to understand client objectives and deliver results.