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Private Wealth Disputes


Litigation Involving Trusts and Estates and Private Wealth Disputes

Our litigation lawyers regularly handle disputes over private wealth, most notably involving trusts, decedents’ estates, and fiduciary litigation. Our experienced private wealth and fiduciary litigators represent clients in cases involving claims of breach of fiduciary duty, fiduciary misconduct and fraud, misfeasance and malfeasance in estate administration, asset and investment mismanagement, challenges to the validity of estate planning documents, will and trust contests, financial elder abuse, and accounting disputes.

Some of these disputes arise among family members and involve business succession and partnership disputes. For this reason, we have found that the best lawyers for trust and private wealth disputes are often lawyers experienced with complex business litigation especially when there are underlying business disputes which need to be addressed and resolved by experienced business lawyers. Therefore, we are able to offer our clients the advantage of having our extensive business knowledge and skills to guide them and resolve their dispute efficiently and successfully.

We have expertise in inheritance disputes involving a family businesses and disputes involving partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations. We are also experienced in receivership matters in cases where it is necessary to seek appointment of a receiver to safeguard and manage assets.

Our attorneys have won significant cases involving private wealth disputes in courts and arbitration proceedings. While we seek to resolve disputes expeditiously through mediation whenever possible, when necessary, we zealously represent our clients at trial and contested proceedings.

Our recent cases include a judgment of over $5.4 million in a contested dispute involving a family partnership, successful motions for the appointment of a limited receiver and an equity receiver, and orders for the appointment of a valuation expert to appraise assets worth over $550 million.

We represent private individuals, family businesses, heirs and beneficiaries, trustees, professional fiduciaries, and third-party creditors in a wide variety of trust and estate litigation matters in probate and civil courts.

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